Manufacturing businesses can raise their profile and drive new customer growth through digital marketing, content marketing, PR and SEO activity, and we are very much here to help.

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Ghostfoundry works with manufacturing businesses to boost marketing activity through data-driven strategies and solutions that are proven to generate results.

We are different to other agencies in that we have built a team of manufacturing experts that are also marketing specialists, allowing us to provide industry-specific marketing solutions.

Our team of content writers are all former journalists and professional writers and have had their work featured in local, national and industry publications.

This enables us to secure coverage for your manufacturing business in media outlets such as The Yorkshire Post, Prolific North, Business Insider and many more.

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Industry experts

We work with a wide range of manufacturing businesses to drive their marketing efforts.

This is why manufacturing businesses come to us:


  • We understand the manufacturing industry and how to market your business
  • Our strategies are data driven which means marketing activity is fully accountable
  • Our writers are manufacturing experts and have written extensively about the sector
  • Drive more traffic to your website and raise your profile in key industry publications

What makes us different

The manufacturing industry is innovative and exciting and for your marketing activity to succeed you need to work with an agency that fully understands this thriving sector.

The Ghostfoundry team is made up of manufacturing experts that are also marketing specialists, data analysts, strategists, professional writers and highly technical developers.

This allows us to provide marketing services and solutions specific to the manufacturing sector but that are also unique to the requirements of your business and marketing goals.

These are some of the other things that make us stand out from other marketing agencies:


Our team is made up of manufacturing specialists that are also marketing experts that understand the sector and what it takes to ensure your voice is heard above the noise of your rivals.

This allows us to create and deploy marketing tactics that work within the manufacturing industry but that are also tailored to the unique requirements and goals of your business.

This ensures that the marketing activity we undertake is of the highest quality and positions your organisation as the leader in the market.  

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get to know you


All businesses are different, so we like to spend time getting to know your manufacturing business and what you are looking to achieve from your marketing activity.

By understanding your business, we can identify the audience you wish to engage, the information they are seeking and where their attention is. From this we build highly effective campaigns.

We believe the best results come from close collaboration, so we work closely with our manufacturing business clients to ensure we not only meet but exceed their marketing goals.


Content forms the foundation and pillar of our marketing strategies and services, but we use data and comprehensive market research to guide our activities and hold our work to account.

We use a range of marketing tools to undertake audits and competitor analysis, and our analysts use the information generated to formulate strategies with tangible results.

These tools also allow us to monitor the progress of our digital marketing, PR, content marketing and SEO activity, and to tweak our strategies to ensure they are delivering the best possible results.

data led


Because content is the driving force behind our marketing strategies and activity, it is vital that all content is written by qualified journalists and professional writers.

Not only that, but writers must have industry knowledge and experience if they are to produce content that will position you and your business as thought leaders in the manufacturing sector.

Our writers have both; many are former journalists that have written for industry publications which means they know what to say and how to say it in a way that captures your brand and tone of voice. 

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