Content Marketing

Content marketing is the pillar and foundation of all digital marketing activity. Without content, you simply can’t communicate with clients and customers both existing and new.

Content is king

Content is the area where most digital marketing activity falls short; expert content that engages, educates and entertains is the difference between marketing that works and marketing that doesn’t.

This is why we have built a team of journalists, writers and presenters to create the content that you need to ensure your business and/or brand voice is heard above the noise of your rivals.

Members of our content team are experts in specific industries, sectors and fields, including iGaming, managed IT and technology, cyber security, manufacturing, law and finance.

Before joining the Ghostfoundry team, our writers have written professionally for a range of media outlets including local, national and international press as well as industry and B2B publications.

content marketing

Our content services

Our content marketing service offering is comprehensive and has been designed to meet the needs of any business regardless of industry or budget.

Some clients pick and mix the services they want while others go for the full works. It just depends on your requirements, goals and budget. 

Check out our full content marketing service offering below:


Our team undertakes a full audit of your content and content marketing activity to identify gaps, weaknesses and areas of improvement.

This is done using a range of tools and in-depth research to obtain a clear picture of where you are at and what improvements need to be made to not only catch up to but jump your competitors.

Our team of content strategists then creates a comprehensive content marketing plan for you to work to or, if you prefer, our team of content specialists can deploy the plan on your behalf.

content audit
website audit


Your website is your shop window, and if the content on your website does not engage potential clients and customers then you are simply not going to make a sale.

Not only that, but your website content needs to be written in such a way that search engines like Google understand the information so they can rank your site highly in their results pages.

This requires a combination of writing talent and technical SEO expertise, which is why our content marketing team is made up of creatives, analysts and developers.


You are the expert in your industry and by creating a knowledge hub on your website you can share your knowledge with potential clients and customers.

This is a powerful form of content marketing as it builds trust among your target audience but is also a signal to Google that you are an authority in your industry, which in turn can help with SEO.

Our content team works with you to extract your knowledge and experience, and to turn it into informative and engaging articles that are then published on your website.

knowledge hub


Gaining coverage in local, national and industry media publications – both print and online – is one of the most effective ways of driving awareness of and engagement with your business.

Our content and PR teams work closely together to write and distribute press releases on your behalf and can also secure opportunities for you to write articles in key publications.

Of course, we also work with you to create the content published in these media outlets. Regardless of your industry, we have a writer that specialises in your sector.


Whether writing client emails, entering industry awards, creating a pitch deck, updating your sales brochure or re-writing your corporate website, our team of writers can help bring your copy to life.

The difference in the quality of content written by professionals is stark and can transform how clients and customers perceive your business and the products and services you offer.

You wouldn’t trust an amateur dentist to remove a tooth, so why would you trust an amateur writer to create your content? Our team of writing professionals is here to help with any and all copy requirements.



Bring your business and the products and services you provide to life with marketing collateral that engages your target audience with the help of our content team.

Capture your brand voice and the things that make your business, products and services stand out with content that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to customers and clients.

Not only that, but our creative division can help with the design and layout of your marketing collateral to ensure that it catches the attention of those you want to engage.


We are specialists when it comes to creating whitepapers and reports that position your business and brand as a thought leader in your respective industry.

Our content and data team works with you to select a topic, gather information and stats and create a whitepaper that provides unique insight and opinion on key topics within your sector.

Reports and whitepapers are then uploaded to your website and distributed to local, national and industry press to help drive brand awareness among potential customers and clients.



If you have a database of customer email addresses and are not communicating with them via regular newsletters, then you are missing a trick.

Our content team will work with you to create engaging and informative newsletter copy that ensures your brand or business remains front of mind.

We can also assist with newsletter design and distribution and manage your customer email database to ensure that it is clean and up to date allowing you to fully leverage you customer database.


If you want your website to rank highly in the search engine results pages, then your content must be fully optimised from an SEO perspective.

But a balance must be struck between SEO optimisation and providing clients and customers with the information they are seeking and in the way they want to receive it.

Our content team is made up of both writers and SEO specialists and they work together to ensure that content meets reader requirements but is also optimised for Google and other search engines.

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How content marketing can help


Content marketing is hugely powerful for businesses, allowing you to communicate directly with potential customers but without having to blow the bank. You can pick and choose the content marketing activity you undertake whether that be creating a knowledge hub, distributing the occasional press release or going all out.

Regardless of the approach you take, these are some of the key advantages to content marketing:


  • Populate your website with quality content that engages customers/clients
  • Bring your marketing collateral to life with content that inspires
  • Boost Google and search engine rankings to increase site visitors
  • Build your business profile in key media and news publications
  • Establish your business/brand as a thought leader
  • Leverage your customer email database to drive growth
  • Drive brand/business awareness among your target market

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