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Our digital strategy and consulting services are aimed at businesses that are already engaged in marketing activity but are looking to take their results to the next level.

Bring in the experts

We work alongside your marketing team to understand your marketing goals and current practices, then carry out a full audit to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement. 

Our experts will also undertake a full competitor analysis and additional research to identify marketing and content gaps so that you can not only catch up to but jump your competitors. 

Next, we generate a comprehensive report and a new digital marketing strategy for your team to work to. We can work with your team to ensure it is deployed successfully. 

We also provide our digital marketing and content marketing consulting services to other agencies, particularly when it comes to the content marketing services, they provide to their clients. 

A number of digital marketing agencies are now white labelling our content solution in order to improve the quality of the content they deliver to their clients.

Some of the tools we use: 



Why call in the Ghostfoundry team

The Ghostfoundry team has decades of digital marketing and content marketing experience having worked with a wide range of businesses, brands and agencies.

We specialise in content marketing and our product and service offering in this area is unrivalled.

These are just some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Cost-effective way to significantly improve digital marketing activity
  • Identify weaknesses and areas of improvement in your current marketing activity
  • Bolster you marketing team with digital specialists and content experts
  • Quickly close the gap to rivals and ensure your new strategy enables you to get ahead
  • Improve the quality of content used in your marketing activity or that you provide to clients


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