When it comes to SEO and technical SEO, we believe an integrated strategy is required covering technical, content and authority building through PR activity and all within the guidelines set by Google. 

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If you run an online business, you will know just how competitive it is out there and to rank well in the search engine results pages your website must be technically excellent.

This includes the user experience, especially on mobile, as well as other factors such as server response time, site speed and navigation.

Content still remains king when it comes to SEO, so it is vital that website content is written by subject experts and to the highest possible standard.

Of course, authority is just as important as it has always been, but Google and other search engines have recently changed the rules for how you can build authority into a website.

Here at Ghostfoundry, we have devised a natural way of doing this through digital marketing, content marketing and PR activity that positions your business, and website, as an industry leader.

Our approach to SEO and technical SEO is data driven, and we use a wide range of tools to carry out audits and to build and deploy our technical, content, marketing and PR plans.

This includes:

Response source

Our technical and SEO teams work together to carry out a full site audit in order to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement.

From this, we build out an SEO strategy – including technical, content and PR activity – that we then deploy on your behalf. We monitor results and report back monthly with progress updates.

We use these monthly reports to help fine-tune your SEO strategy by seeing what is and is not working and adjusting course accordingly.

Our proven approach to SEO has helped many businesses naturally build and scale organic traffic by providing potential customers with the information and experience they are seeking.

Ultimately, this is what Google and other search engines want to see and is why the SEO and technical SEO clients we work with regularly out-rank their rivals.

Integrated Strategy

Authority Building


Content Focused

Google Best Practice

Data Driven

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Why our SEO strategies work

SEO and technical SEO is constantly changing, and our team of developers, analysts, strategists and content and PR specialists make sure your website is always on top of the latest updates.

Our approach, which combines technical website development with content and authority building through PR, can boost organic traffic and authority but, importantly, in line with Google guidelines.

Other reasons to work with us:

  • Our approach also enables you to build brand awareness among potential customers
  • Improve rankings and grow site traffic within the guidelines set by Google
  • Boost your profile in key local, national and industry publications AND build site authority
  • Provide customers new and existing with the information they are seeking

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