Are you making the most out of your social media?

Most businesses and brands have a presence on social media, but very few are maximising the potential of the social media content they publish. Here’s how to up your game…

If your brand doesn’t have a social media presence, you could be missing out on engaging with a huge customer base, both current and prospective.

Even if your company has an established page, on at least one social media platform, who’s to say your content is working and achieving your goals?

If you haven’t done your research, you could be completely underutilising your social media channels and the content you push out on them.

From timings to tone of voice, addressing and attracting your stakeholders relies on an in-depth understanding of your target audience wants, needs, behaviours and characteristics.

Without this critical information, it is unlikely that you will see engagement on your posts and click throughs to your site, and you may even notice stunted sales during periods when your competitors are thriving.

In order to keep up, your brand needs to implement an iron-clad social media content plan.


Building trust

Trust is the golden ticket to building customer loyalty and without it a brand’s credibility and desirability can crumble.

Initially, companies must gain a good understanding of their core customer base, as well as the wider market, and understand their values.

Through this, a brand can better build a point of view, which demonstrates all that it stands for and represents within modern culture.

Whether this is an eco-friendly stance or a focus on demonstrating unique innovation, brands without personality on their social media channels will quickly realise that their desired engagement levels are beyond their reach.

A great place to start is identifying how your brand’s current and aspirational customer base already communicate on social media.

Analyse the topics that they discuss, where they hang out online and identifying causes, groups and hobbies that they follow and interact with.

This data will help to develop a tone of voice and point of view that will allow you to align your brand with your customers’ personal preferences.



Once you’ve established how you want to communicate with your customers and how you aim to position the viewpoints of your brand, you need to build a content calendar of important dates and events which will allow you to preplan copy and assets ahead of time.

This approach also leaves more time to create content on the fly and react to trending topics that are of relevance to your brand, your industry and most importantly, your audience.


Tone of voice

Ensuring that you have tone of voice documents established at an early stage will allow your brand to work across multiple platforms to target your key consumers in the right places.

It also allows anyone in your business to be able to post to your social channels when required, utilising examples, pre-prepared text segments and terminology to ensure consistency and effectiveness.



To ensure your brand pages are racking up those likes, reposts, comments and everything in between, it’s critical to create engaging content.

By constantly bombarding your following with sales ploys and cheesy marketing materials, you’ll quickly see those follower numbers deteriorate and interaction rates plummet.

That’s not to say you can’t plug a product but making sure this is positioned in a way which demonstrates its benefits to the customer without the need for a hard sell is crucial.

The rest of your content should aim to be relevant to your target audience, immersed in the popular culture within your chosen demographics and most of all be topical and aware of the wider world.

Ensure that humour and language is appropriate to your platform and audience and above all else measure your results constantly.

Collecting this data will drive your content strategy to ensure that it is built on a better understanding of the consumer and ensure that you’re interacting with them in the way they prefer, in the places they prefer, for optimum results.

If you have not yet perfected your social media content, now is the ideal time to consider how you can optimise your efforts to truly target your audience.

Gathering insights into your audience, establishing a tone of voice and planning are all key elements that can ensure that your brand’s social media content is working its hardest.

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